The un-tamed, tangled beauty of every-day plant life, has kept me well-nourished with creative inspiration for the best part of a decade. In my latest show, Saturation Point, I once again bring to life to the dance of light and lustre, in large scale botanic renderings - this time by celebrating the ubiquitous bougainvillea.

The wicked weeds like morning glory and spear-grass of past shows have given way to the majesty of bougainvillea and its accommodation of light and paper-thin luminosity. Bougainvillea has its own beauty, it cascades over everything, accepts the light and has a beautiful translucent quality.

Entranced by the plant on a family holiday in Sicily last year, I wanted to capture the fleeting sense of warmth and contentedness we all feel on holiday, in the form of this plant which demands we stop and pay it attention.

Often the light will choose my subject, as I tend to use a Japanese photographic technique called bokeh which is a deliberate use of shallow focus. This is best seen in my “Snapshot” series, which in essence is an exploration of background without subject. In reality they are Fireworks but in the studio have become precise renderings of colour and light.

Working in oils allows intensity of colour, luminosity and transparency. These qualities combined with the use of glazing techniques, allows me to build up very thin layers resulting in works of both subtlety and complexity.



Saturation Point: New Works by Pip Davey is on at the St. Helier’s St Gallery at the Abbotsford Convent, 1 St. Helier’s St., Abbotsford, from August 21st until September 6th. Open 10am until 4pm daily.

Exhibiting regularly work can be viewed either via the website, or by appointment at my studio.